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Acceptance February 21, 2010

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So often we move through life looking outward for our perspective, for meaning  and for our answers. How remarkable one moment can be when you are present  enough for your focus to go inside. Here is where acceptance starts. Not in your thoughts or ego assessments, not in the hurry of assigning more meaning to one thing over another, not in avoiding through addictive behavior or through feeding on your conditioning.

True acceptance is very simple, clean, revealing, clearing, refreshing, calming and starts inside. All it takes is accepting everything just as it is. Giving life its space in our dream we are experiencing. Breathing space around your conditioned moments, finding where inside of you that these conditioned moments attach and then breathing space around what you are feeling/thinking. Relaxing and letting go of how you should proceed and let the answers that you innately have express themselves.

Test it out. Next time you feel: angry, withdrawn, grasping at something, entitled pride, withholding love, fear, less than, overwhelmed; stop and breathe, close your eyes, find the spot within you that is tight and hanging on and breathe space around that spot/space.

It may take a few tries to calm yourself enough to feel the shift. If you give it a go and give yourself permission to become aware of when you shift into a self made experience, you will catch yourself and create opportunity to heal and be accepting.

We need to accept ourselves and heal ourselves in order to accept what is outside of us, just as it is.

Peace and Light.


Relativity of now February 19, 2009

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During this time of seeming chaos; we continue to reach outside of our truth out within the form of illusion.  It is this chaos which provides the vehicle upon which we can either ride, be trampled or walk toward and embrace as the reflection of our egoic ranting.

It is easy to pick up on the collective insane warping of what has gone before. And since everything is in constant change and evolution, to hang onto what no longer is a valid perception or a perception of what is valid, we continue to seek refuge in the illusiory and mundane mind tripping.

This period in our evolution is a wake up call to become aware of our truth. To remember our true selves and sit with the uncomfortableness of life till we can allow our true nature to come forward. To take refuge in the no-thingness or mu of truth.

The more you try to tame the mind or ego, the more they fight back. Fight with weapons of illusiory strength that one could not “think” possible. It is duriing these times of stress, during the times when our ego tries to sink us back into the hole of illusion; that we need to pause and take a moment to step aside from our conditioning and observe just how crazy our minds have become. To step aside from our minds and observe the small self of non-being so that we may free what we really are.

Meditation which allows the true nature to occur, self observation without need to try and fix or change, patience and a willingness just to let everything be as it is….

Breathe in …. breathe out… and make the effortless effort be…

Welcoming the New Year January 1, 2009

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With all the hoopla of transitioning from 08 to 09 including numbing out fears and anxiety; we do have an opportunity to take a few moments and focus on our present experience. 

It has been long known that our point of power is in the present, the current moment; the past is only a memory and the future does not exist so we are left with the now as our truth.

After deep inquiry one can distill one’s actions that focus outside of the present as an addiction to the illusory. Anything that detracts us from the present moment is not real, not truth, but stuff of stimulating the ego. In order to get past the ego and find your truth there needs to be self-inquiry and self-observation. 

Practice for a few minutes a day. To obsess over the practice only puts you back into illusion. First we learn to crawl, then walk, then we run.

Meditation is a tool, which if used to align oneself to the present moment can strengthen one’s ability to self observe.  As a reminder, do not let the ego then turn this concept onto others. This is for “self-observation” not a tool of the ego.

 “Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in observing himself a man notices that self-observation itself brings about certain changes in his inner processes. He begins to understand that self-observation is an instrument of self-change, a means of awakening.” – G.I. Gurdjieff

Peace be to you!

Patience… November 1, 2008

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“The result of patience is patience…” so why bother? As we move in life mostly forward and sometimes what seems like backwards; patience can be the best friend we’ve ever had.

The human spirit gets antsy when it is uncomfortable and yet moving toward that very uncomfortable place and breathing through to moment(s) can free you from the antsy knee jertk reaction to fall into the closest addictive behavior.

The closest friend to patience is being present. Presence allows the humaness to practice patience.  Try it on small things…then try it on more small things. We love to jump ahead of the game and forget to savor small steps and butterflies…

For today, choose to be present at least once…then tomorrow try it twice…

Smile when you remember and pass that smile along to someone else…who knows who will remember to be patient!

ruins and the entropy of death… September 12, 2012

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wow pretty heavy in the title area there…

it usually takes a month after end of quarter to process and blather about, hither and yon on my experiences…

and as I get ready for the second quarter past the last posting…I am partially processed…like a new loaf of velveeta still on the loading dock of life…

my last program “Ruins” the anthropological look at ruins (as in buildings, cultures, sociological environs)…. added more layers upon the critical thinking processes (MediaWorks) inspired by the works of Russian and German filmmakers, avant-guarde experimental filmmakers, and texts thrown at us like lockboxes to times past linked to the present…the key was to jump in and see how it felt (still feels)…like any faculty worth their salt, we were guided and prodded into looking outside our own filter of experience…I find myself drawn to very divergent topics…picking them up…reading and researching a bit…feel a beginner’s grasp and move on to the next…rinse and repeat…opportunities arrive by not obsessing and by allowing openings to make themselves known…familiar energies in new faces…found 16mm and 35mm film footage to animate and explore…the ebb and flow of what is available vs. what one tries to grasp…

at the same time…we had a dear friend pass away from cancer (she battled this like Patton facing the Nazi’s–swinging at it with arms, legs, and sharp mind)…this was easter sunday at dawn… cheeky thing that…always pushing her way to the limelight….

at the normal one month period after my spring quarter when my process eases up, my awesome friend, sister, and spiritual mentor passed…we went down to central cali for the service…still grieving…still…the eulogy given by her partner was one of the most well thought out, clear, humorous, divinely inspired accounting of their life together…over 200 people were present and every single one of us there had a deep connection to her…

…now as I review my Intermediate Algebra book in preparation for Calculus and Physics defining 2D animation…I think of my dear Tibetan Buddhist friend who is in hospice, who I have been fortunate enough to help care for occasionally the last two and a half months…the doctors gave her till the end of June…it’s almost the second week of September….I will have one more opportunity to be of service next week before class starts…I think about her many times during the day…

…I think about my mentor/friend many times during the day…

…I think about my easter rising friend many times as well…

…I move between freaking out about not finishing my int. algebra review before class starts…and about my transportation budget…and moving in between all of that are these deeply quiet, open, and present moments that I cherish and breath space into and if I am calm enough, if I allow everything to be as it is, continue to breathe and relax…. moments open up…opportunities present themselves…familiar energies arise within new experiences…a smile beams on loved one’s faces…and I visit my garden to harvest my soul….

Transference and the Collective Unconscious October 28, 2008

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So with the New Moon cycle hovering…guised as Mercury Retrograde with some Mars aspects…, Halloween on Friday, All Souls Day on Saturday, Day of the Dead on Sunday and the Election on Tuesday…the collective unconscious is really revved up.

There are people waking up in the middle of the night for non-hormonal reasons, feelings of dread, sudden bursts of giddiness and crying as well as the normally sound and balanced feeling craby as hell.

Not to mention the world as we know it is going through, what the Druids and those connected to Mother Earth, what is known as Draga searching for The Druid’s Gem or redemption/transformation. Note the info on the sacred snake which symbolically represents transformation and is associated with the Kundalini or sacred fire.

So the confusion and uncomfortable feelings have to do with our collective selves’ demand to evolve. Good Luck with this one…I recommend Meditation and drinking lots of purified water. Everyone else will probably drink themselves into oblivion and sleep through the whole process, later waking to a new world.

The Druid’s Gemby: Tadhg MacCrossan

Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History, mentions the Druids manufacturing an object called the ovum anguinum, or “snake’s egg,” which in Gaulish would have been called ouion natracos. In British and Irish tradition it was known as the snake’s gem, or Druid’s gem. The Druid’s gem was a round bead about one to one and a half inches in diameter, decorated with spirals or swirls. It was sometimes made out of ceramic (in Scotland), sometimes glass (reported in Wales, Scotland and Cornwall) and, as in ancient Gaul, sometimes out of empty whelk egg cases or despined sea urchin shells. According to Pliny, a Gaulish man who was also a Roman citizen wore an ovum anguinum to court for good luck, but lost his case because the Roman magistrate was prejudiced against him for wearing a Celtic charm. The snake which dwells in the Underworld is said to have been the origin of these charms. Mythically, Underworld snakes are always guardians of sacred treasures (such as the salmon in Irish tradition, Fafnir in the Volsunga Saga, and the snake in the garden of Eden). The snake as guardian of an Underworld mystery and/or treasure is a theme which goes back to a source common to both Indo-Europeans and Semites.

Using your intuition…. August 28, 2008

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Transitions may take many forms in your life; from diet and schedules to marriage/commitment, birth and the last transition of form – death.

Allowing your process, not fixating on drama, being kind to yourself and others, as well as going back to the first week of Meditation can help you be present and move with grace in the world of form.

Listen to your heart without attaching to outcomes. Set your priorities based on what meets your deepest need for your best good. Eating a 5 lb. cherry cheesecake may not be the best choice. A small piece certainly couldn’t hurt.

Taking walks, eating simply, talking with friends and family without being obsessive.

Practice with the small transitions so that the larger ones don’t become overwhelming…

Practice Loving Kindness mantras and give yourself a break till the energy shifts to the center again.


Interaction… July 29, 2008

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Take time to pause and watch the breath.

Breathe in slowly until you mind becomes calm.

Notice that you don’t feel the spinning on the edge of the world.

Take that feeling with you throughout the day.